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펑션베이, 2018 Annual Meeting 평
펑션베이(주), CTI Symposium에 참
MBD for ANSYS 교육 (난징, 중국/1
2017 RecurDyn Users Day (서울 양
2017 RecurDyn Users Day를 개최합
2017 독일 RecurDyn TechnologyDay
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   AutoDesign MTT2D, MTT3D
2017 Annual Meeting in Pangyo, Korea
fbadmin(admin) Date: | Read : 2604
The 2017 FunctionBay Annual Meeting was held at Pangyo Seven Venture Valley auditorium from March 2 to March 3 in 2017. FunctionBay is hoding the Annual Meeting in Korea, Japan, and Europe every year in order to share sales information and promote friendship between Korean headquarters, overseas business units and overseas RecurDyn dealers.
At 2017 Annual Meeting, the new functions of new version of RecurDyn, MBD for ANSYS and Particleworks were introduced. In addition, annual sales situation and success stories of FunctionBay headquarters, business units, and distributors were continued over the past year. Discussions were progressed more actively to identify market and technological trends around the world, and to develop appropriate sales strategies.
FunctionBay staff will take one step further toward the bigger goal.
2017 AMs


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