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[해외학회] 2018 China CAE
펑션베이, IMSD 2018 참가 (포르투
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RecurDyn 7월 정기교육 안내 (판교
[Q&A] 2018 RecurDyn Simulation
2018 RecurDyn Simulation 경진대
[학회 참가] 대한기계학회 동역학
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[Interview] The winner of 2016 Chinese Government Award, Xiangqian Zhu
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1. Please give a brief introduction of yourself.

Hello, everyone, I am Xiangqian Zhu from China. I studied the dynamics of flexible multibody system with Prof. Wan-Suk Yoo of Pusan National University since 2010. The master research focuses on the flexible dynamic analysis of a floating wind turbine and the Ph.D research focuses on the dynamics of the mooring cable which is used to fasten the floating platform. To achieve a Doctoral degree in our university at least 2 SCI(E) journal papers should be published. Fortunately, I could finish publishing 5 SCI(E) journal papers during my Ph.D studies. My researches were also presented on the international conferences more than 10 times.


2. What did motivate you to be interested in FunctionBay in Korea?

China has been famous for “Made in China” in the past decades and I am sure that that there will be a change from “Made in China” to “Designed in China” in the coming future. It is changing currently, and CAE tools have had decisive effects on this process. More accurate simulation results are required by the users according to the development of computer technology. Instead of MBD, RecurDyn starts from MFBD and has outstanding user interface with multi-physics, which has functional advantages on accurate analysis. Based on the stories above, Prof. Yoo also suggested me to join FunctionBay.


3. What are you in charge of in FunctionBay?

I am an engineer and take charge of the technical issues occurring in China. These issues consist of pre-sales technical supports and after-sales supports. Generally, pre-sales technical supports  include preparing materials for visit and doing the BMT (Benchmark Test). The after-sale supports include RecurDyn training  and answering user’s questions.


4. What is the most challenging aspect of your job?

When Chinese customers decide to purchase software, they pay more attentions to the technologies. Therefore, the technical aspects should be thoroughly prepared to support our customers. As you know, RecurDyn is widely used in various fields such as automotive, elevator, excavator, printer and so on. There is still much to learn about the background knowledge of these fields, the general problems, and how to use RecurDyn to solve these problems. Compared with other CAE tools, I constantly need to think about what the advantages of RecurDyn in solving problems are. There are several RecurDyn agencies in China and they are trying to catch the Chinese customers in different fields very competitively. My challenge is also how to balance the competitive composition among them.


5. What should RecurDyn focus on to be more competitive in the rapidly growing Chinese market?

The service philosophy in Korea is one of the best in the world. As I mentioned, Chinese customers consider technologies as the most important thing when purchasing the software. It is very important in the beginning to serve our customers impressively since RecurDyn has not been well known yet in China in past years. Mr. Cha (Head of Business Department) also told us that our target is not limited only to sell our software to Chinese customers but also to let them use our software to make their productions much better.


6. What are your goals and dreams you want to achieve in FunctionBay?

As I said previously, I want to be a big help for RecurDyn’s customers to produce better products, rather than simply selling software. Personally I would like to get paid more and have more time to rest.

Thank you.

Please click here to read the interview in Chinese.





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