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[해외학회] 2018 China CAE Annual
펑션베이, IMSD 2018 참가 (포르투
펑션베이, CAASE18 참가 (6월 5일-
RecurDyn 7월 정기교육 안내 (판교
[Q&A] 2018 RecurDyn Simulation
2018 RecurDyn Simulation 경진대
[학회 참가] 대한기계학회 동역학
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   Design Optimi...
   AutoDesign MTT2D, MTT3D

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2002 RecurDyn User Conference
Registration of Attendance Opening Remarks
CEO / FunctionBay
New Challenge in CAE from Asia
Mr. Woong-Sang Jeong / FunctionBay
RecurDyn and Japanese Manufacturing Industry
FunctionBay North American Operations
Dr. Brant Ross / FunctionBay, USA
Research Trend in the Field of Multi-body System Dyanmics
Prof, Wan-Suk Yoo / Pusan National Univ
RecurDyn Version 4.1Demo
RecurDyn:Technical case studies in Japan
Mr. Tak Suzuki / KUSCO
함정 발사 유도탄 운동의 통계학적 접근 방법 연구
Dr. Beom-Soo Lim / Agency for Defense
The Dynamic Analysis Model for Electric MCCB
Mr. Il-Sung Yoon / Hyundai Heavy Industries Co, Ltd.
The Visual Method of Cumulative Fatigue Damage by Dynamic Software
Mr. J. G. Lee / MSC Korea
DTTS controller Design using RecurDyn/Matlab Interface
Prof. Kun Soo Huh / Hanyang Univ.
Analysis of Dynamic Behaviour for a Railway Vehicles using by the RecurDyn-Rail Module
Mr. ChanKyoung Park / Korea Railroad Research Institute
A Recursive Muti-Body Dynamics Approach to Simulate Complex Paper and Belt Models
Dr. Brant Ross FunctionBay, USA.
Introduction the staff of FunctionBay, Inc.