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User License Agreement

Please note that this user license agreement will govern your use of RecurDyn Student Version. By placing a check in the checkbox, you agree to be bound by this user license agreement. If you do not agree to this license agreement, you must not download, install, or use RecurDyn Student Version. RecurDyn Student Version can only be used for non-commercial and academic purposes. You will be provided with a license file which contains a license key to use RecurDyn Student Version. The key will be coded to allow you to use RecurDyn Student Version for 6 months from the date that the key is created. You are not permitted to sell, lease, license, distribute, sublicense, or otherwise transfer in whole or in part the software or documentation to any third party. The software is licensed for use solely by the person identified by the personal information provided to obtain the license for use.

Collection of Your Personal Information

In order to use RecurDyn Student version, you are required to obtain a license file, which contains a license key. In order to obtain the license file, you are required to provide FunctionBay, Inc. with certain personal information, such as your name, country of residence, and name of your educational institution. The license file will be coded to allow RecurDyn Student Version to run on only a specific computer. Therefore, you are required to provide the Physical Address of your computer’s network device (also known as a MAC Address).

Use of Your Personal Information

FunctionBay, Inc. collects and uses your personal information to improve our software and to generate a license file to allow you to use RecurDyn Student Version. When you submit your personal information, you understand, and agree that FunctionBay, lnc. and its affiliate companies may transfer, store, and process your customer profile in any of the countries in which FunctionBay, lnc. or its affiliate companies maintain offices. FunctionBay, Inc. will not sell, distribute, or disclose your personal information to any third party outside of the affiliate companies. FunctionBay, Inc. has affiliate companies in the following countries: Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, USA, German, and Australia. By using RecurDyn Student Version, you agree to allow your information to be stored and processed as described above by FunctionBay, Inc. and its affiliate companies.

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RecurDyn Student Version License Request Page

- To receive a free license file required to run RecurDyn Student Version in your email, fill in and submit the following information.
- The license file will be valid for 6 months from the data that it is created.

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The physical address of a network device on the Computer on which RecurDyn will be Installed (required to generate the license file). Click Here to download a tool that will identify It for you. For Microsoft Windows only.
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